Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Time

I am writing on my computer, in my mostly assembled office. We have our new house, new baby (well most babies are new) and are trying to figure out life. I have a lot to say, and not sure exactly where I should start. I think I will just share a little bit at a time over the next few weeks.

ADVICE TO EVERYONE ON EARTH: Never try and move the same day you have your first child. It is quite exhausting.

Here is a funny pic. Liege is signing closing documents on our new house. I wonder how many closings take place in the postpartum rooms in hospitals?

I have had my new camcorder out quite a bit and am learning how to use it and ready to start going crazy. It is pretty sweet. It is 160GB and can record forever in standard definition and almost 10 hours in HD. I have video of Makenna right after she entered into the world, but due to numerous boobie shots of my wife, you won't be seeing it on Youtube anytime soon. One project that I have started is a video for Makenna. I shot a little private confessional for her after we got home. I plan on adding to it at every "significant" part in her life and giving it to her on her wedding day (hopefully that day never comes). You will not see any footage, it is going to be just for her. I don't think I will even mention it anymore.

That is it for now, because I hate long posts. I am sure Liege will be writing the details of her birth soon. She is busy being the best mommy ever!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Last Blog Post

This will be my last blog post for awhile. As you can see here, there are two pretty big things going on. They just might colide and create the "perfect storm." Combine the moving with having a kid, add in a little church work and coaching football and we come to my craziest month ever!!! Yes I know, I did it to myself (except that...that I did to her). So the next blog post you will probably see (because I am taking apart my computer and network for moving tomorrow) will be me holding my little girl. Sleep tight blog world. I shall return shortly.