Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wreck Class

I write this from San Diego (a whale's vagina), or San Di-Ahh-Go. I am teaching a PADI Wreck Specialty class. If you have talked to me about diving you know I am in it for the wreck diving. The class is going good. Good divers, and good people. 3 of our 4 dives are on the HMCS Yukon. It is a Canadian destroyer sunk as part of San Diego's "wreck ally" artificial reef project. Sometimes artificial reefs do not have all of the mystique as a "real" wreck. But they are still pickin cool and are great for training as many of the hazards have been removed prior to sinking. The pic is of the Yukon before finding its resting place 100 ft below the surface.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Christmas Musical

Kid's Christmas Musicals are a big deal around New Cov. 100 kids or so working hard over 12 weeks to put on a great show with a great message. The reason they are so big is because a kid being involved in something like this will invite every person they come into contact with (neighbors, family, teachers, friends). Many people will cross the doors of a church to watch a kid they know in such a production that otherwise would have never entered a church. The thing is, the kids will bring home the message of Christ strong, backed up by the Pastor and his short message. So all of the hard work is always worth it. The bad news is last year I decided to have a live band, and now there is no going back. That makes it 3 times as much work. Well this year after listening to over 40 musicals (most of them poorly written), we will be doing "The Christmas County Spelling Bee" by Cyleste Clydesdale. Mark you calendars for Dec. 7. Now it is time to go and get to work.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sunday I am going diving. It will be my first dive in a VERY long time that has no mission. I am not teaching a class, I am not taking a class. It will be diving for the reason I love diving. Have fun, look at some amazing creations. I know I will probably end up teaching a class, but as of this moment my only mission is to have fun. We are diving with the sundiver (pictured above) that leaves out of Long Beach and dives sites accessible only by boat around Catalina. This summer has been so busy. It almost gone and it flew by. I have done so many "little" things and have been constantly busy. I need to try and slow down, but it's not going to happen. Between moving, having a baby, doing something new a church, real work, teaching SCUBA, and whatever else I have coming up, I am going have to be very intentional with my time. I need to have a throw away day soon and be completely lazy so I can get ready for all of the things to come.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Drought

So I have been some what of a blog drought. It isn't that I haven't had anything blogworthy, I just haven't been motivated to blog it. Last week I took an amazing Open Water SCBUA class to Catalina. The class was fun, a big class (13), but a very fun class. August in Catalina is great, water temp 74, and was a great trip. I have had some amazing meals and amazing wines but didn't blog those either.
So I will take you to my week this week. I have been busy everyday, try and have a decent dinner, then around 10pm I crank up the TIVO and watch olympics until about 3am. Olympic time gets me all juiced up. And this is why I am a bad person. I don't want our athletes to win, I want them to embarrass the competition. I draw dirty looks from my wife when I yell "FALL ON YOUR FACE" when a little 12 year old Chinese girl (yeah, I said 12) is doing her uneven bars routine. I get a little "homosexual" as my wife likes to remind me with my passion for the girly sports (gymnastics, diving), but I am right there to root for the manly ones as well!!!
My wife called me man pregnant because of my higher than usual emotions during these Olympic games. I proved her point as a tear fell from my eye during the medal ceremony of the Women's Gymnastics all around medal ceremony. Our girls went 1-2 and I was with them every step of the way (minus the past 4 years they spent every waking moment training).

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Well if you read my wife's blog, you will know that Miles got neutered 2 weeks ago. I know he has felt much different the last few weeks, just a little less of a man. Well he has a new bone, I don't know if he is trying to compensate for anything now that he has lost his manhood...??? I will let you be the judge!

Everywhere I look

So evidently my wife is not just gaining weight. She is growing a human life in that belly of hers. We talk about how it still doesn't feel real to me. It feels more real to her because it is happening in her body. It's ok, because my daddy to be books say the universe will correct itself the minute she will be born and all will be glorious in the world. I really can't wait for that moment. I will need a bucket for my tears if P.S I Love You was any indication of where my emotions are at right now. See the birth is not what I am concerned about. We have 835 pregnancy and birthing books laying around the house. We have hired a doula to help us out, not to mention nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals ready to tend to every need. No, I am not worried about that. It is the hours after that, where they make sure you have a car seat installed correctly and say "See Ya." I saw this today in the bathroom. Have seen them thousands of times, but today it freaked me out.
They are going to let us take home this baby. All of the things in the that the government regulates, applications, and licensing and tests, but a human life, no problem. Just go ahead and take that home! Good luck. Yes I am afraid. Will we be good parents? I believe so! Will be screw up a bunch? Of course! Now everywhere I look I see things like this little cute Koala bear that sends my head in a tailspin of the uncertainty of what is to come. But I guess that is part of the fun (or I am hoping it is)!

Monday, August 04, 2008


So there is nothing more I hate than sitting around doing nothing. I
am one of those people that always have to be doing something.
Nothing is worse than the doctor. As the Seinfeld episode tells us,
u wait on the waiting room, then they call u to another room to wait
some more. Now the riddles and jokes on the highlights magazine
don't exactly seem to pass the time anymore. Then I got the new
iphone. Now I am sitting here hoping the doc doesn't come in so I
can play with everything I want to. I don't think I will ever be
frustrated waiting anywhere again now that I am connected to my
whole world anywhere I go. This is also my first post from my
phone. Just wondering what my marriage counseling bill is gonna be
in the future since we r both always on these things.
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